WBC Amsterdam Competitor FAQs

Are you competing in 2018? We’ve gathered answers to some frequently asked questions, and some handy resources to help your competition experience, and your trip to Amsterdam!

Is there something you need that isn’t listed on the resource list? Have a question about public transportation? Want to know where to find the best stroopwafel? Email compinfo@worldcoffeeevents.org, and we’ll look into it!

Rules & Regulations

A: The Rules & Regulations specify that the same preparation space and tools available to all competitors, but in this case the committee has determined that a platform/step can be accommodated for reaching the equipment, since the intention is not to limit accessibility. If you require a platform/step, please be sure to bring your own as one will not be available otherwise.

A: No, any physical modification of the sponsored grinder or espresso machine is not allowed.

A: Automatic tamping machines are allowed in the competition. They will be counted as one of the two allowable electrical devices.

A: Coffee may be roasted in parchment. However, coffee may not be ground or brewed with parchment as it is considered an additive as laid out in rule 2.2.B and 2.2.C.

A: Yes. Foam can be created in this way, as long as the competitor steams the milk using the provided machine according to the technical protocol in the rules.

A: For all courses and rounds, regardless of drink or ingredient, only the sponsor-provided espresso machine may be used.

A: Adding water to the basket starts an extraction separate from the extraction initiated by the group head. This would count as more than one continuous extraction, and would not be allowed.

A: The rules state that no alcohol is permitted in the signature drink. To verify this, the Head Judge would reference the ingredients from which the drink is made, including the solution. If no ingredient packaging is available the decision would be at the discretion of the Head Judge, who can penalize accordingly.

A: As long as the provided grinder is used onstage during competition time, this will be allowed.

A: Each morning, Victoria Arduino technicians will check every machine for calibration. Data from each machine will be recorded and checked by WCE Staff. No other data or information will be collected or recorded using any other equipment or sources.

A: 20g ridge-less VST baskets, and shower screens as below will be used in competition.

A: Espresso machines, grinders, a Marco hot water delivery system, and 2-3 types of pour-over equipment will be provided for service. Coffee for use at the Team Bar will be provided by Has Bean. Each team will receive a Bolivian coffee along with another complementary origin. Advance samples have been sent to all team members using the address provided in your competitor registration form.

A: A: You must choose from one of the 9 configurations listed in the 2018 WBC Rules & Regulations, and place it within the 7m x 7m square during table set-up time.  Any of the asymmetrical table configurations can be inverted or mirrored. If you would like to place your table off-center, you may do so with the assistance of the Head Runner. Please note that competitors are responsible for ensuring that their presentation table is at least .3m (12 inches) from the edge of the square.

A: Outside of table-set up time, you can adjust your table during your preparation time. The Head Runner will not be able to assist, and you are responsible for ensuring it complies with the rules.

A: To facilitate multiple overlapping performances performances in Round One, competitors will be able to use their own music during the Semi-Final and Finals rounds only.

Rule 5.4 Competition Music

Competitors may bring their own music on a CD, MP3 player, USB drive, or smart phone for the Semi-Final and Final rounds of competition.


A: The WBC is held at the RAI centre in the Zuidas area, in the south city centre.

Street address:

RAI Amsterdam
Europaplein 24
1078 GZ Amsterdam

A: The competitor orientation meeting will be held on Tuesday, June 19th from 13:00-14:00 at the WBC stage. Attending the orientation meeting is mandatory: competitors who do not attend the orientation meeting may be disqualified.

A: Competitors will be able to access the backstage area after orientation has completed (after 14:00). The backstage area will not be available to competitors before this time.

A: Our show host can provide Visa Invitation Letters for competitors and coaches. Send a scan of your passport page to compinfo@worldcoffeeevents.org to get your invitation letter. Please remember that World of Coffee and WCE do not have control over the visa issuing process and cannot guarantee a positive outcome.

A:No, a badge for you and one (1) badge for your coach will be available at the site entrance. Additional supporters and coaches will need to purchase tickets directly from World of Coffee, here.

A: Only competitors and one coach are allowed in the competitor backstage (rule 5.2). Competitor entourages may be permitted backstage, only with the permission of the Stage Manager, and the Stage Manager has the authority to ask anyone to leave the competitor backstage, for any reason.

If you plan to have anyone capturing photos or videos either backstage or onstage, they are required to register using this form.

A: The Deferred Candidacy Policy covers the circumstances in which competitors can delay their place in the competition until the following year.

A: WCE has developed the following water specification for competition, which will be delivered by Pentair/Everpure.

Visiting Amsterdam

A: Public transit is generally excellent in Amsterdam, buy a multi-day transport pass at the airport or at Central Station and you can get around quite cheaply.

Taxis are plentiful, but expensive. Über does work in Amsterdam, as well as Taxi Centrale Amsterdam (TCA), which is a local app that works in the same way as Über.

Renting a bike is another option, but be sure to have a decent lock and insurance.

A: Our host, World of Coffee have a range of recommendations nearby the convention centre. Options are available for a range of budgets, and preferential rates are available for show visitors, so it’s best to book through the host portal.

The Competition Experience

A: Smallwares will not be available backstage, but most espresso bars sell coffee related smallwares.

A: The provided milk from Friesland Campina has the following attributes per 100ml

Calories: 296 kJ / 71 Kcals
Fat: 4.1g
of which saturated: 2.9g
Carbs: 4.8g
of which sugars: 4.8g
Protein: 3.6g
Salt: 0.12g
Calcium: 120mg

Outside of provided milk, most larger supermarkets have a good selection of dairy options.

A: Most large supermarkets will have a good selection of ingredients. Some good choices are Action and Blokker (directly opposite the show venue).

A: Dry ice can be ordered online from Droogijs Amsterdam.

Our partners at Victoria Arduino have organised a dedicated pre-practice space—Champions’ Hub, at Het Amsterdamse Proeflokaal from 17-20 June. All registered competitors have been emailed with details on how to book their practice slot. If you have any questions you can contact Ms. Farrah Tan directly, who will manage the space on behalf of the organisers.