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2015-2017 Qualified Sponsors

Once every 3 years, leading commercial coffee equipment suppliers vie for the prestigious opportunity to have products featured as the official tools used by competitors of World Coffee Events’ competitions, including the World Barista Championship. All candidates considered for equipment sponsorship must meet exacting technical standards set and tested by the organization, but only one supplier from each category may prevail as the official sponsor.

Victoria Arduino (Nuova Simonelli)
Qualified Espresso Machine
The Victoria Arduino “Black Eagle”

image001 (1)In Victoria Arduino we are keen on always going beyond—we have a sharp vision of future challenges.
Among our coffee machines, many pieces have made history and have become design icons. Even more, there are unexpected idea and solutions, ongoing intuitions and inventions rewriting, redesigning the way of thinking about and making coffee.


Qualified Espresso Grinder
K30 Vario Air & EK43

These grind-on-demand espresso grinders ensure hands-free operation and electronically controlled, variable programming for exact portioning. The grinders start automatically when inserting the port-a-filter and grinding time is less than 2 seconds for a single espresso of 7 gram. The stepless grind adjustment guarantees the highest flexibility possible for every coffee blend. For more information about the K30 Vario Air and EK43, please visit www.mahlkoenig.de.


Qualified Cleaning Products
EVO1kgEVO Espresso Machine Cleaner

Cafetto offers a wide range of cleaning and sanitation solutions across espresso, coffee brewing and beverage dispensing equipment. Cafetto is an industry leader in effective organic and eco-friendly solutions, offering cleaning products to improve machine performance and ease cleaning processes. Through its extensive product portfolio and global network, Cafetto provides cleaning products to both the commercial and domestic international markets.

Qualified Water Filtration

Pentair® Everpure®, a leading foodservice industry supplier, has been a trusted provider of commercial water treatment products, services and solutions worldwide since 1933. Our solutions address a wide range of foodservice applications such as coffee, fountain beverage, ice, drinking water and more.

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