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2019 Sponsors

Pacific Foods
Diamond Sponsor

Pacific Foods Barista Series™ line of plant-based beverages are the result of hundreds of hours of tasting, testing, steaming and pouring by baristas like you. They’re Barista Inspired, Barista Approved™.


Victoria Arduino
Qualified Espresso Machine
The Victoria Arduino “Black Eagle”

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At Victoria Arduino we are keen on always going beyond, we have a sharp vision of future challenges.
We have been bringing our disruptive innovation to coffee shops from all over the world since 1905, at the service of baristas who are disruptive as well as the coffee machines they choose.


Qualified Espresso Grinder
PEAK & EK43 (S)

MAHLKÖNIG supported competitions, events and workshops since their beginning—as sharing knowledge is key to enhancing the awareness of specialty coffee and the barista scene. Following a dedicated sponsorship since 2009, MAHLKÖNIG provides its top grinders the PEAK, EK43 and EK43 S for the upcoming seasons of the WBC and WCIGS.

Qualified Cleaning Products
Cafiza® Espresso Machine Cleaning Powder and Puro® Espresso Machine Cleaning Powder

Urnex has manufactured specialty cleaning products for coffee and espresso equipment since 1936. Today, the portfolio of Urnex liquids, powders, tablets, and capsules is distributed in over 70 countries around the world. Urnex is a long-time supporter of coffee competitions and the competitors themselves, as championship quality coffee can only be made using clean equipment.

Platinum Sponsor

TODDY® – The Cold Brew Leader since 1964.

The Toddy® Cold Brew System uses a unique cold-water extraction process to produce coffee and tea extract that offers a full-bodied, aromatic flavor profile translating into bold, super-smooth taste. With several distinct models to choose from, Toddy has a system for you.

DaVinci Gourmet
Gold Sponsor

We believe that Baristas and Mixologists are creative and that they seek perfection to amaze their audiences. We are the contemporary choice for professional drink makers inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci’s pursuit of perfection. We use craft, science, and art to empower drink makers to create their own masterpieces.  We follow a philosophy of co-creation crafting each new product and recipe with real Baristas and Mixologists, using sensory science to help create deeper connections with consumers. This is what we like to call Flavour Genius.

Gold Sponsor

Home of the industry’s only complete solution for highly efficient, superior-performing ice systems, Scotsman offers the largest combined selection of equipment and ice shapes available. The most professional team of people dedicated, since the very beginning, solely to ice machines across all continents. With three manufacturing plants, and over 300 country distributors, agents and representatives, Scotsman does have a Global Footprint. Scotsman is active in designing, manufacturing and marketing ice equipment targeted at the global markets of Food Service and Food Retail Industries, and offers small capacity under-counter solutions to industrial high capacity ice making technologies. We meet the requirements of the Coffee Community with a complete offering of different ice shapes, to complement any coffee beverage, be it straight or mixed with other ingredients.


Silver Sponsor

Based in Cheyenne, Wyoming, Brewista is a collaboration of engineers, designers, roasters and brewers with decades of experience. We design, manufacture and distribute the finest brewed beverage products available. Brewista’s products include the industry changing Cold Pro Cold Brew line up, beautiful Artisan Series kettles, the revolutionary Smart Scale and Ratio Scale, Essentials laboratory grade and PLA paper filters, and the award winning NutraMilk that makes frothable dairy-alternative milk on demand. Visit www.mybrewista.com and www.thenutramilk.com for more information

Bronze Sponsor

In collaboration with Australian specialty coffee professionals, Detpak has developed the Precision Series of takeaway cups, aligning with volumes of in-café cups. These streamline front of house procedures for baristas, making it easier to produce a consistent coffee to milk ratio. Available in four sizes: 160ml, 200ml, 240ml and 320ml.

Bronze Sponsor

HARIO is a Japanese heat-resistant glassware company which was founded in 1921. Innovative glassware and utensil for drinking coffee such as V60 coffee dripper and TCA Syphon give not only special taste, but also time, value and relationship to the customer and barista in the world.

The Rising Force Kitchens Co. LTD
Bronze Sponsor

The Rising Force Kitchens Co. LTD is a company specialised in developing and manufacturing coffee and kitchen equipment. Our main product is an innovational tamper, named The Force Tamper. This tamper brings the unique concept of impact tamping, resulting in both incredible tamping results and revolutionary ergonomics. The use of this tamper hugely reduces technical and labor requirements, while protecting the barista from physical injuries.

For more information, visit www.therisingforce.cn

Ally Coffee
Origin Trip Sponsor

We at Ally Coffee are honored to be the origin trip sponsor for the World Barista Championship. We know that baristas are some of the most important ambassadors for our industry as a whole, and we are delighted to recognize their hard work and dedication by providing this trip to origin! Ally Coffee is a green coffee company connecting roasters with specialty coffees sourced through sustainable partnerships. We are committed to opening up opportunities that move coffee forward through traceable quality green coffee and accessible learning programs. We believe the way to improve both the product and experience is to build a community around inspiration, knowledge, and guidance.

Product Sponsor

Product Sponsor

Hamilton Beach Commercial
Product Sponsor

Hamilton Beach® Commercial high-performance blenders are famous for creating a super-creamy drink profile.  They’re so talented that coffee bars and restaurants worldwide prefer them over other types of blenders. That’s because with a high-performance blender by Hamilton Beach® Commercial, you get more than blending confidence. You achieve drink-making mastery.

Visions Espresso & Rattleware
Product Sponsor


Swiss Water
Competitor Orientation Sponsor

Swiss Water® Process is amazing coffee without caffeine. We start with the finest specialty coffee, and using green coffee extract and water, our 100% chemical free process ensures only caffeine is removed. The integrity of the bean is preserved so the roaster and barista can unlock its inherent flavor potential. We proudly support the barista craft and celebrate all of the WBC Competitors. Good Luck!

Event Sponsor

Jascaffe is a professional coffee company servicing Taiwan, Hong Kong, P.R. China. We supply coffee beans, coffee machines, beverage materials and related products. We also offer consultation services and provide equipment service. Our mission is to provide coffee perfection and complete coffee system service. We are committed to the perfect cup of coffee, and the products that we provide to our customers are guaranteed to achieve this goal.

WBC Espresso Bar

Espresso Sponsor

Daterra means “from the earth” in Portuguese, and it is from there – the earth – that we cultivate with respect to the environment, technology and good people, high quality green coffee beans to be exported and consumed all over the globe.

WBC Espresso Bar
Roaster Partners



WBC Espresso & Team Bar
Equipment & Product Sponsors

Counter Culture Coffee
Team Bar Coffee Sponsor

WBC Brew Bar

Title Sponsor

Marco Beverage Systems Ltd. designs and manufactures the finest hot water delivery systems for commercial brewing of tea and coffee. We work directly with our customers to deliver specific machines for specific solutions, marrying technological and brewing excellence within the Marco range of products, striving to meet user needs.


Ceramics Sponsor

LOVERAMICS is a young and energetic brand making contemporary tabletop items that are functional and fun. Our Professional Coffee Cups are designed for all coffee lovers and baristas. Manufactured under SCAE and SCAA standards, the cup allows every specialty coffee to develop its full flavour. Available in 9 colours, 3 designs and various sizes.

Brew Bar Equipment Sponsors

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