Seoul Competitor FAQs, Barista Base Camp, and Teams Update!

October is almost upon us, and it’s hard to believe we’re so close to Seoul! We’ve got some important updates to share with competitors to ensure that your experience at WBC is world-class.

Frequently Asked Questions & Steps For Accessibility

We have been busy gathering some of the competitor questions we have received over the last few months, the answers to which now live on the Seoul Competitor FAQ page.

An important clarification from the Rules & Regulations committee to highlight is that in the spirit of increasing accessibility onstage, competitors will be allowed to bring a step or small platform to be placed on the floor if they require one to reach and operate equipment.

Beyond Rules & Regulations clarifications, there are also answers to common logistics, competitor experience, and hospitality questions. Need to ask a question that’s not on the list? Email [email protected], and we’ll do our best to answer it.

Barista Base Camp

For most competitors the road to Seoul is going to be a long one! Before taking to the stage, all registered competitors will be able to complete a final practice session at the Barista Base Camp, with thanks to our Qualified Sponsors; Cafetto, Mahlkoenig, and Nuova Simonelli.

Barista Base Camp is hosted at Ediya Coffee Lab, around 15 minutes away from the Expo Centre by car or transit, and includes access to standardised equipment, cleaning products, knock boxes, and dairy. For more details see the Barista Base Camp site.

WBC Teams Lineup Update

Thank you to all of our champions who have completed WBC competitor registration—we are excited to welcome competitors onstage with us in Seoul! With the 2017 season wrapping up, the final lineup being represented has shifted a bit. To maintain balance and fairness across the WBC Teams, one adjustment has been made, with Nisan Agca from Turkey joining Team Scale.

You can read all about the Team Bar procedures in the Guideline document posted here.

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