Project Description

Daria Pinchuk
Single Step Coffee Co.

Please tell us a little bit about yourself:

I’ve been working in the coffee industry for 4 years. I’ve worked through a few different positions: barista, head-barista, roaster, coffee trainer. The key elements that set the direction for my life are coffee and traveling. And I am absolutely sure that if they are properly combined – we can make the world better around us 😉

What are you excited to do while you are in Amsterdam?:

See the city, visit coffee shops, and wine places.

Please list the coffee competitions you have participated in, what year they took place, and your results:

2016 Belarus Barista Championship – 2nd Place

2016 Russian Alternative Cup Tasting Championship – Winner

2017 Belarus Barista Championship – 4th Place

2018 Belarus Barista Championship – Winner 🙂

Is there anyone you would like to thank or recognize, or who helped you to prepare for the WBC?:

Vitali Filmanovich, my coach for all 3 competition years.

How do you see the coffee industry changing in the future?:

I believe that this industry can improve the life of many people in coffee-growing regions. New approaches to processing, brewing and service in coffee companies will make more and more people get involved in the specialty coffee world. We just need to make our own steps together.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?:

I would like to get deeper into coffee, in particular coffee growing and processing. I believe that there is room for improvement in service and guest interaction in coffee shops.

What are your interests outside of coffee?:

Traveling and everything conected with it!


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