2018 World Barista Championship Grinder Procedures

All competitors at the World Barista Championship are asked to compete on a shared set of equipment to give them a standardized starting point. In order to enable this, the competition’s Qualified Sponsors provide sufficient equipment for all competitors. This document outlines the procedures around the provision of espresso grinders. These procedures are supplemental information [...]

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Announcing the 2018 World Barista Championship Teams

The 2018 World Barista Championship is fast approaching—in just under three months, over sixty competitors will take to the stage in Amsterdam, The Netherlands at the World of Coffee show. With regional competitions well under way, qualified competitors will have started planning their preliminary round performance—preparing three espresso-based courses in fifteen minutes to a [...]

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Full Scores From The 2017 World Barista Championship Scores Released!

Jeff Hann for World Coffee Events   It's hard to believe WBC Seoul is already over! We're excited to release scores from each round in full, including the withheld results from the semi-final round. WBC 2017 Preliminary Round Results/a> WBC 2017 Full Semi-Final Round Results WBC 2017 Final Round Results Thank you to [...]

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Dale Harris from United Kingdom is the 2017 World Barista Champion

Congratulations to Dale Harris, the champion representing the United Kingdom, who has become the 2017 World Barista Champion! It's been an exciting four days in Seoul, with competitors taking to the stage at the WBC, hosted by Cafe Show and title-sponsored by Ediya Coffee.  A huge thank you to our 2015-2017 Qualified Sponsors Victoria Arduino, Mahlkönig, Cafetto, and Pentair/Everpure for supporting the [...]

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2017 Seoul World Barista Championship Preliminary & Semi-Finals Scores Released

With semi-finals now concluded, we are excited to release the scores from the Preliminary and Semi-Finals round! We have withheld the scores for those competitors who are passing through to finals, and will release all scores at the end of the competition. WBC 2017 Preliminary Round Results WBC 2017 Semi-Final Round Results Thank you to our [...]

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Seoul Competitor FAQs, Barista Base Camp, and Teams Update!

October is almost upon us, and it’s hard to believe we’re so close to Seoul! We’ve got some important updates to share with competitors to ensure that your experience at WBC is world-class. Frequently Asked Questions & Steps For Accessibility We have been busy gathering some of the competitor questions we have received over the [...]

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Welcome to Seoul! Here’s How To Visit The World Barista Championship

The World Barista Championship returns to Asia for the first time since Tokyo 2007, and we can’t wait to see what Seoul has in store! Hosted by Cafe Show, with title sponsorship by Ediya Coffee, the WBC takes place from 9 - 12 November, at the Coex Convention Centre. Coex is conveniently located in the [...]

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2017 WBC Competitors

Over 60 competitors will compete in the 2017 World Barista Championship, Title-Sponsored by Ediya Coffee. We’ll be recognising the competitors heading to Seoul regularly on our social media channels over the next few months. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to get familiar with the competitors, and don’t miss their detailed [...]

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